DIY Speaker Build

In this DIY speaker build I’m using 1/2” baltic birch plywood to make a pair of stereo speakers to look like vintage guitar amps. I’m using orange Tolex on the outside with grill cloth for the face and chrome corner protectors on all the edges. The speaker kit comes from Rockler Woodworking and Hardware and includes all the wiring, base ports, speaker and internal dimension plans. If you want to build the exact same speakers as you see in the video, I have plans for sale in my store and there are links down below to all the supplies needed. You can easily change the look of these speakers but choosing a different color Tolex and grill cloth. This was a really fun and pretty simple project to build. Don’t be intimidated with the speaker wiring. If you purchase the kits from Rocker the plans are easy to follow and don’t take any special tools.

Supplies Needed

Tools Needed