Without tools you don’t have a shop. Some people enjoy collecting tools, some like having the top-of-the-line and some don’t have a preference at all. Every skilled craftsman will tell you it’s not the tool, it’s the skill. It’s easy to look at what someone else has and say “well of course they are good, look at their tools” but we all start from nothing. In 2001 I bought my first woodworking tool, a used miter saw on Craigslist for $100 and just continued to buy what I needed when I needed it. I started out with bottom-of-the-line cheap and used tools just so I can build what I wanted at the time. As I built my skill I would replace my cheaper tools with higher quality ones. The top tier tools are rarely necessary but sometimes they can make the task, quicker, more efficient or more fun. Purchase what you need and what’s in your means.

My Woodworking Tools