How to Make Lincoln Logs from 2x Lumber

In this woodworking tutorial I show how to make homemade Lincoln Logs from inexpensive 2×6’s from Home Depot. I used to love Lincoln Logs as a kid and thought I’d recreate those memories by making my own. If you go to the store to buy this classic toy you may be shocked by the prices these days. This is a quick and simple woodworking project that can be done in a weekend or even a day if you plan it right. You will need a few basic woodworking tools to complete this project. I’m using a tablesaw, bandsaw and a router mounted in a router table but like any woodworking project there are many ways to accomplish a task. You could use a dado stack in your tablesaw instead of a router and many of the bandsaw cuts could be made on the table saw.

In this example I decided to make my Lincoln Log house permanent by gluing the pieces together and pin nailing on the roof and base. I plan on using mine as a birdhouse after the stain and paint has had a few months to off-gas.

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