How to Make Wooden Clipboards

Easy Woodworking Project For Beginners

This is a real easy woodworking project anybody can do with a few basic woodworking tools. It’s also a great woodworking project that you can easily redesign and make your own. These clipboards get planed down pretty thin so make sure you source well stable wood that’s not going to warp on you. You’ll also want to use closed grain or tight grain wood. And open grain is not a suitable material to write on. Using strips of multiple species will help keep everything flat. I also find that since they are so thin the screws that hold the clips down may need some help so I like to use a 5-minute epoxy as well. This is a great project that can be batched out and at the right price can sell well at craft fairs.

Final dimensions: 9″ x 12″ x 3/16″

Tools and Supplies Used in This Woodworking Project