How to Make a Bandsaw Box

Bandsaw Box Making

In this woodworking tutorial we’re making a bandsaw box. Bandsaw boxes is what got me excited about woodworking a few years ago and the reason I am a woodworker. All the bandsaw boxes I make are my original designs and I recently put out a book on making eight different bandsaw boxs. You can find that book on Amazon here. The bandsaw box we’re making today comes directly from that book!

In this how-to we’re using bamboo plywood and mahogany. The drawer will open from both sides and unlike most bandsaw boxes this serves as a pencil and pen holder as well. You can follow along with the tutorial video above or the pictured steps below. If you end up making one of these please send me some pictures via Twitter! I’d love to see them. As always, be safe, be passionate and Make Something!

Tools and Supplies Used in This Woodworking Project