Making a Plaque From Wood and Brass

How to Make a Wood Plaque from Mahogany and Brass

In this week’s project we make a wood plaque using a laser engraver and CNC. The Make Something logo was carved out backwards on the CNC while leaving a thin layer of wood on the front face. This allows me to glue it in place and keep all the letters perfectly aligned and spaced. The front face is then sanded away, a technique called onion skinning. The Making It logo was laser engraved into the wood and the brass plate was etched with a CNC and cut out on the bandsaw. In the above video I also answer a few questions that came in from Twitter. If you would like to learn more about the Making It Podcast I host with Jimmy Diresta and Bob Clagett from I Like to Make Stuff, check it out here. As always, have fun and Make Something!

Tools and Supplies Used in this Woodworking Project