Mid-Century Modern Console Woodworking Project

Mid-century modern design is very cool and very timeless, but it wasn’t designed with the cords and wires of modern technology in mind. To remedy the situation in my own house, where the TV, modem, speakers and other gizmos are making a huge mess, I’m constructing a custom console to get everything in place.

I’m using walnut plywood here, along with panels made from acrylic and cloth. We’re using dowel joinery in the assembly for added structure and strength. Dowel joinery can be a little tricky, so I have a pro-tip that helps you get the dowel holes lined up perfectly every time. Overall, though, this how-to tutorial shows you how surprisingly easy it can be to build a mid-century modern console that meets your specific needs.

The great thing about combining woodworking craftsmanship with mid-century modern design is you get the retro look you want and still account for the technology that didn’t exist in 1962. This project hides the electronics away — and those ugly cords — while still giving you easy access to them and preventing them from overheating.