Multipurpose Drawer Organizer & Travel Case | Woodworking Project

Simple and Quick Woodworking Project!

When it comes to keeping clutter off your bathroom counter, drawers are OK. But eventually they just become a big box you throw stuff in. What if you could make a drawer organizer that doubles as a travel case? Something you could just lift out of the drawer and take with you? It’s surprisingly easy, and this tutorial will show you how to do it. 

With a removable lid and a sliding drawer, which provides a second layer of storage, the organizer/travel case is a clever design, that’s actually pretty straightforward from a woodworking perspective. I’m building this ingenious contraption out of walnut (for the sides) and plywood (for the bottom and lid). I use mitered corners and splines for the build. 

I’ve also designed the compartments within this piece to be modular, so you can arrange the storage levels to meet your needs. As you watch this easy woodworking tutorial, I hope you’re inspired to make modifications that work for your available space and personal toiletry habits. (No judgment here.)

Tools and Supplies Used in The Video