Thrift Store Lamp Upcycle. Trash to Treasure Woodworking Project

I find myself going to thrift stores and antique malls quite often these days to find gems for upcycling. Today was a good day! I found an old “New Home Sewing Machine” and table for only $10! On the same trip I found this desk lamp that I thought would be perfect for a new upcycle project. We’ll save the sewing machine for another article.

I only want the guts and the lamp head so I tear apart this lamp and discard the base and gooseneck cover. I’m using mahogany wood for the base and I cut it in a way that’ll hold Post-it notes and a pen. This was a fun project that only took a few hours to complete. You can bet I’ll be doing some more mantiquing in the future. As always, be safe, be passionate and Make Something!

Tools and Supplies Used for the Woodworking Project