Collapsible Campaign Furniture Bookcase

How to Make a Campaign Furniture Bookcase

This is an easy and fun woodworking project. I made my Campaign bookcase out of mahogany and Brusso hinges using the plans from Christopher Schwarz’s book Campaign Furniture. This bookcase is fairly small and is meant to be easily transported. Originally designed for British military and travelers. The only “trick” to this bookcase is to have the top hinges and bottom hinges the exact same distance from the middle hinges. There are 12 hinges in all. The better and tighter you cut the mortises the sturdier the bookcase will end up. I finished this bookcase with a simple shellac finished thinned down with denatured alcohol and buffed with steel wool in between coats. I have links to all the supplies down below including the book and hinges used in this woodworking project.

Tools and Supplies Used in This Woodworking Project