How to Make Prescription Eyeglasses

I never would have thought I’d be making prescription glasses from scratch but here we are! For this project I teamed up with the channel How To Make Everything. These glasses will be made for Andy, the host of that channel. Over at How To Make Everythingthey make items from scratch to learn how things are made. Andy blew the glass, cut the shape and ground the curvature until he reached his prescription. He also cut down a tree and dried the wood. And then sent me the dried wood and lenses for me to make frames.

Making the frames was fairly simple and most of the work was done on the bandsaw. The lenses were epoxyed in and the frames were permanently attached to the sides which means they don’t fold up. They were made this way because I didn’t have an easy way to make the hinges from scratch.

Check out How To Make Everything.

Tools and Supplies Used in This Woodworking Project