How to Make a Block Plane

Making a Hand Made Wooden Block Plane

Even though I’m not much of a hand tool user I find myself reaching for my hand made wooden block plane all the time. It’s great for rounding over corners or cleaning up an edge. The block plane I’ve been using comes from a kit by Hock Tools. In today’s project we’re going to make a new block plane that’s just a bit bigger using the same methods and shapes. Making your own planes is much easier than you might think and just as good as those expensive metal planes.

In this tutorial I’m breaking a few rules and using coconut palm wood. This is not the type of wood typically found in wooden hand planes but I love to experiment and have fun. Coconut palm is just absolutely beautiful and visually unlike any other wood. It’s is a bit splintery but once you get everything sanded smooth and rounded over it works just fine.

Tools and Supplies Used in this Woodworking Project