How to Make a Wood Crate from a 2×6

Making a Wood Crate

Wood Crate from 2×6 Plans
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How to make a wood crate from a cheap home center 2×6. This is a super quick and simple process anyone can do with a tablesaw, some nails and glue. I like to take these crates on the road with me and use them for my display stand at craft and handmade shows. Back at home I stack them on their sides and use them like you would a book case. This is one of those projects where accuracy isn’t important and a single crate can be made in under an hour. And since I don’t worry about glue squeeze out and don’t use a finish on them, BOOM, they’re done! In fact I was able to batch out six of these crates in about two hours. Having a pin nailer surely will help save a lot of time but isn’t necessary. You could easily use a hammer or even just screws. Each wood crate is made from one 96” 2×6 and each 2×6 only costs $4 at my local Home Depot. Enjoy, be safe and make something!

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