Speaker Cabinet Rebuild with Walnut and Hickory

Speaker Cabinet Rebuild

I got tired of looking at the boring ol’ black Sony stereo speakersin my living room so I decided to break them down and rebuild them. I decided to use 1/2” walnut plywood for the shell of the cabinets and 1/2” hickory for the front face. Since there is a science to the dimensions of a speaker cabinet including depth and where the bass port is, I decided to keep all the specs of the original cabinets. The only change that was made was I decided to include feet to raise them up from the floor. They are finished with a heavy coat of boiled linseed oil and couple coats of Deft spray lacquer. This is one of my favorite projects because I finally get to build something for myself that’ll enhance my living room. I think this is going to be the start of a new passion for me. That is rebuilding and upgrading things around the house with wood.

Song used at the end of the video is called Flickering and is a rough mix by my band Hound. The album’s official release is scheduled in the distant future. Be safe. Stay passionate. And make something!

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