How to Resaw on the Bandsaw. The Easy Way!

Resawing Problems

I get a lot of questions about resawing on the bandsaw. Problems that can happen while resawing is burning, drifting and cuts not being 90 degrees.

Four reasons why you’re not getting a good cut.

Dull Bandsaw Blade. First reason and probably the most common reason is a dull blade. If your blade is dull drifting and burning will most definitely happen.

Too Many Teeth. Second is too many teeth per inch on your bandsaw blade. If you’re resawing it’s very important to have no more than 4 teeth per inch (TPI). This is so the blade can do its job and remove the waste in time. Otherwise again you’ll end up with drifting and burning.

Fast Feed Rate. Third is pushing the board too fast through the blade not giving the blade enough time to remove the waste.

Blade Not Centered. And finally, if you’re blade is not centered on the tires. Don’t spend too much time worrying about this and just make sure it’s approximately in the middle of wheel.

How to Resaw on the Bandsaw

Resaw fences do make the job easier but in the video about you’ll see you won’t need any fancy gadgets. With the right blade you should be able to slowly push the work through the blade following your pencil line.

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