Making Acoustic Panels

I record the audio for my podcast and all my voice over work in my office. I recently removed a couch from this room and noticed a significant difference in the audio quality. I was getting a lot more reflection from the walls into my microphone so I’m making these acoustic panels to absorb some of the room sound. I purchased some acoustic foam panels from Amazon and decided to class them up a little bit with a nice wood frame and burlap face. The frame uses a simple picture frame construction with mitered corners reinforced with splines. The face consists of a burlap sack glued to a mitered frame and then screwed on to the base. I purposely exposed the screws and chose to use pocket hole screws for the way they look and how they sit on the surface.

In the video I decided to not voice over the steps but instead talk about how I got to be a YouTuber and all the career changes I’ve made. Making YouTube videos and blogging is a combination of many skills including photography, videography, branding, marketing, audio engineering, graphic design and copy writing.

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Items and Tools Used