How to Duplicate a Record

Listen to the audio ripped from the duplicated record below.

One of my most fun projects to date! I take a Johnny Cash reissue 7” vinyl record and duplicate it with a silicone rubber mold and liquid plastic. To be quite honest I was surprised on how much detail the mold can handle as the duplicated record played almost perfectly. You can listen to the ripped audio above. There was a few more pops and clicks than the original record and I’m guessing that’s from dust or not cleaning the original enough beforehand. Obviously pirating and duplicating any copyrighted material is prohibited but in the spirit of making and experimentation this was a fun project.

A couple of fun facts about this 7” single: Get Rhythm was the 1956 a-side of this record but it was the b-side that became the huge hit for Johnny Cash. I Walk the Line was the first number one single for Johnny Cash and sold over 2 million copies in it’s original pressing. The copy that I own is a reissue put out by one of my favorite record labels, Third Man Records owned and operated by Jack White.

Original music in the video by Lance Neil Hulsey, Toledo, Ohio

Items Used