Outdoor Halloween Decor Ghost | DIY Project

Easy Halloween Decoration | Spooky Ghost

How to turn an ordinary outdoor lamp into a spooky halloween ghost. All the materials used in this DIY project are common supplies found at your local True Value hardware store.


Tools and Supplies Used in This Halloween Project | True Value Hardware


STEP 1: Rough out the head and shoulders shape with a marker and cut it out with a jigsaw. It doesn’t need to be pretty as we’ll drape some cloth over it in the next step. Also, ghosts ain’t pretty! Now’s also a good time to paint the cutout black.


Step 2: Take some drop cloth and using a staple gun tack it to the head and shoulders. Make sure to not cover the eyes and keep it lose for a spooky effect.


Step 3: Cut the drop cloth to length and start ripping it to long thin shreds. This will help “age” the cloak and add movement in the wind.

Step 4: Now with some grey, black and brown paint you can randomly spray streaks and spots to give it that century warn look.


Step 5: To add a tombstone to your halloween yard decor take some insulation foam board and cut out a tombstone shape. This can easily be done with a utility knife. In this example I also carved out the letters “RIP” and scalloped the edges for a more authentic look.


Step 6: Now you can add some color to your tombstone with some grey and black spray paint.


Step 7: Use what works best for your yard. For my halloween display I needed my tombstone to peak over the bushes so I cut out a stake and attached it using zip ties.


Step 8: Finally, you can attach your spooky halloween ghost to your light pole. Now just wait for it to get dark and turn on your light!

CAUTION: Make sure your light doesn’t get hot as you don’t want to start a fire. If you find it does get hot you can fine replacement LED bulbs that don’t throw off any heat.