How to Make a Beer Mug on the Lathe

Making a Beer Tankard

A fun weekend woodworking project on how to make a beer mug/beer tankard on the lathe. We’ll start by cutting up all the pieces on the tablesaw. Next we’ll glue and clamp them all up and once dry, mount it up on the lathe and start turning. The inside is hollowed out using a forstner bit which makes it a quick and clean cut. And finally we’ll coat the inside with epoxy making it water proof and ready for a nice cold beer.

This is one of those projects where you’ll want to make a few at a time because once your family and friends see it they’re going to want one as well!

Is Epoxy Food Safe?

That’s not an easy question to answer and there are very few epoxies that are labeled food safe. Acquiring that label is a long costly process that many companies just don’t bother with. I’ve found a few woodworking articles saying all finishes are food safe once fully cured. It is to my understanding that epoxy is fully cured and inert after 30 days and is not much different than using a plastic cup. There are a few people who say that the mix of the two-part epoxy must be the exact ratio for this to be true and if it is mixed correctly and fully cured must only be used to serve cold drinks and not be exposed to high temperatures like coffee or a dishwasher. From what I gathered I feel safe drinking beer out of these mugs using the epoxy I got from the Home Center. It is up to you to use your best judgement and research what will work for you.

Here’s What You’ll Need